Our expertise

At Prudent Builders Company, our wide experience as main contractor spans design, civil , fabrication, build and fit out. Our design and construction service offers high-quality computer-aided design and professional consultation combined with a practical mind-set. We are also steel-frame building specialists with a 3D modeling team and our own steel fabrication facility. Our expertise includes commercial, industrial and leisure buildings, offices, factories and showrooms nationwide. We’ve created state-of-the-art new builds as well as extensions to existing premises with no disruption to on-going business.

Working on Projects

Structural Integrity, It’s Part of Our Story. Our quality program starts with the Prudent Builders Company team, when possible, being involved throughout the design phase to help assure that documents are as complete as possible prior to delivery to contractors for bid. Throughout document reviews, estimates, value engineering and construct reviews. Prudent Builders Company personnel will have numerous opportunities to check the design documents for completeness and accuracy. Therefore, bidders will have a set of accurate documents that will assure the most competitive bids.

History of construction

The history of construction is as old as the history of humanity.
From mud huts and megalithic stones to mega highways and skyscrapers, the evolution of construction reflects mankind’s ever-growing mastery of raw materials and technology.
Construction’s history is complex and expansive—it’s impossible to do it justice in a single blog.
But we can examine the turning points that chart the path to where we are today.

John William Jones

Founder, President of Board of Directors

John William Jones is an experienced Contractor and Mining expert, who brings more than 24 years of experience in building, exquisite designs and amazing ideals. Mr John William Jones heritage of celebrated artists, historic milestones, awesome building projects across the globe and magnificent jewelry creates the foundation from which employees build upon each day. He holds himself  and workers to very high standards. He continually educates them about new merchandise collections,  building project designs and the evolving luxury market.